5 Festive Season Gift Ideas

5 Festive Season Gift Ideas

It always seems to come as quite a surprise when festive season decorations start popping up in stores. Whether you’re a last-minute shopper or the organized type who has already started wrapping gifts, I’ve found a lot of comfort in knowing that online platforms like Faire are around and reliable. 

If you’re looking for a little gift inspiration, here are some of my favorite finds:

For the little ones… 

…or the big ones! These wooden items from Hand Craft are incredible and their puzzles are made from natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic wood.

For the homemakers: 

A scented candle is a thoughtful gift that can add a warm ambiance to a room and the fragrance will remind them of you each time it is lit. 

For the bakers: A beautiful statement piece from the woman-owned Carmel Ceramics in Portugal is a must for an amateur and avid baker. And of course, damn good quality chocolate from yours truly ;)

For the eco-warriors: 

Being sustainable and eco-conscious is so important to me, so I love gifting others with earth-friendly treats. The Euclove brand is an Australian family business that is on a mission to keep families safer by removing chemicals out of homes.

The impossibles:

And finally, the good ol’ gift card for those who are simply impossible to shop for! 

The festive season can bring out the best and the worst in us. Whatever your mood, we have the chocolate to match it. Read more here


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