Chocolate 3 Ways This Thanksgiving

Chocolate 3 Ways This Thanksgiving

What’s Thanksgiving without chocolate? Frankly, I’m just not sure. So, rather than ponder the absurd, let’s focus our attention on the practical, finding more ways to incorporate chocolate into Thanksgiving meals. After all, I know what I am feeling thankful for this year (hint: it’s chocolate). 

For starters: 

Who says that chocolate can only be enjoyed as a dessert? Here is a super simple recipe for Venison tacos with ancho chilli and bitter chocolate

Why I love it: Tacos are good for any occasion and can satisfy just about any appetite. Have your guests build their own or serve them ready made.

On to mains: 

This is where the real fun begins. When you start brainstorming different ways to incorporate a notoriously sweet ingredient into a savory meal, you begin to realize how versatile chocolate really is. 

Try this Beef Tenderloin with Rosemary and Chocolate

Why I love it: Red meat and chocolate are a match made in culinary heaven. The hearty, earthy flavors of red meat are beautifully complimented by the luxurious, creamy textures and flavors of the chocolate. Seconds, anyone?

Lastly, dessert:

In my opinion, Thanksgiving is just not Thanksgiving without a pumpkin pie. Spice up a classic tradition by adding chocolate. This Chocolate Pumpkin Pie is guaranteed to leave your guests feeling satisfied and even more thankful they spent the holiday with you. 

Why I love it: It only takes one mouthful to understand how the savory spiciness of pumpkin paired with sweet and creamy chocolate work together in harmony. This dish is an absolute must at any Thanksgiving table. 

There you have it, four convenient excuses to eat chocolate from sunrise to sunset. As if we really needed any!

Have any chocolate recipes you think North South Confections community could use this Thanksgiving? Share them via email or social (just tag @northsouthconfections) I'll be sharing the best as we get closer to the holiday. 


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