Fantastic food from the four corners of the world

Fantastic food from the four corners of the world

New York is arguably humanity's largest melting pot, responsible for the most exquisite experiences. From food to fancy, this city serves up a never diminishing buffet of options for every taste. As a confectioner, mine changes with the season. More often at the hint of a breeze if I’m honest. So it helps that I live in a city where I’m always one stop away from a new cultural experience. I can go around the world in a day and be back to cook a dinner with the spoils gathered along the way. 

Here are five of my favorite specialty food stores. My go-to sources of delicious, sometimes hard to find, ingredients and food from around the world. 



Trade Fair in Astoria Queens

Asian Market Corp

Arthur Avenue

It was a tough job keeping it to five, I could go one forever. And even after having lived here for years I know I still have new ones to discover. If I’ve left off any favorites of yours click reply and send me your suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


Like this curated list of international experiences, this considered selection of exotic and unusual fruits and flavours has something to suit any taste. 

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