My 6 favorite places to spend magic hour in NYC

My 6 favorite places to spend magic hour in NYC

Every hour is magic hour in the city that never sleeps. Like the chocolate bar that borrows inspiration from this golden time, the flavours of the city, my city, New York City, combine in a way that leave you wanting more.

Magic is everywhere, and around each corner something new to see, somewhere to go. From sunup to sundown(ers) here are my favourite magic hours spots in New York. 

Sunrise coffee Battery Park, taking in Ellis Island and Lady Liberty. You don’t get a more historic view and feel for Manhattan. 

Happy hour at Cobble and Co

Outdoor movies in Prospect Park. Pack a picnic and a bottle of wine. 

Lavender Lake bar, a lovely place to enjoy my new favorite cocktail

The Greens at Pier 17.

My backyard (pictured below).

The energy from the restaurant next door, the sound of the church bells, and the beautiful sunset skies. My backyard is one of my favorite places to spend an hour in New York.


Six spots will never do the city justice, so I’m giving away one Assortment Box and a trio of chocolate bars to one lucky person for sharing their magic hour spot. For a chance to win simply post a picture to Instagram of your favorite place to spend magic hour, tag @northsouthconfections and the people you want with you.

Here's to making every hour magic hour

P.S. This post was inspired by my Magic Hour chocolate bar. 

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